Ski School and "Aesculap" Sudety Sports Club


Ms.Teresa and Mr.Stanisław Rażniewski and Ms.Danuta Koenig organize the first group of persons willing to learn ski. In the activities of the newly formed ski - school participated the workers of Polish State Sanatorium as well as their children - 10 persons. So the pupils in age from 7 to 42 years. This group was the root of the nowadays Ski School and Sudecki Club Sportowy Aesculap (Sudety Sport Club Aesculap). The name is derived from the ancient Greek symbol of medical care, which society dominated in the Ski School at its start. The ski trainings were conducted once a week then.


As a result of successful work of this small group of local skiers (the town Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój were not just then the part of Jelenia Góra) and growing interest in medical society, the school activity was getting pace. It was named ?The School of Skiing and Active Recreation Zdrowie (Health)". The first statutes and work schedules were elaborated; pointing out that the school was an institution which trains and brings up.


The new name of School is: Ski School Aesculap in Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój. The statute was changed its new base was the framework statute for ski schools elaborated by

PTTK -KTN (Polish Tourist Association). The financial means for the school were defined - they had to be mainly the fees of its members. Thus the children from poor or numerous families had no possibility to learn ski. Then people commonly called this school as elite school. Its members mostly came from the medical care society. This season a new custom was introduced: to carry identical caps (called "aesculaps" ).


Next changes in the school activity. Formerly, still irregular activities of mountain tourism and "in-room" trainings before the season became obligatory. It was decided not to let the children to learn ski without the earlier "in-room" training. So the school season was two months longer in Aesculap (from October to the end of April). One of the forms of upbringing work became the competition lasting the whole school season. It was based on the principle that the children were assessed for ( points in plus or minus) behavior, friendly help; coming to the training at time, frequent presence in the school activities. They were regularly assessed for improvements. This competition improved the discipline, raised the activity and feeling of the sense of duty. The best skiers were awarded at the season end.

At that time a new tradition was started the exchange of ski equipment (internal school pre-season exchange, organized mainly during the "in-room" trainings where, the parents of Aesculap pupils exchanged the ski used by their children). Also cooperation with the Ski factory in Szaflary / Poland was started. The skis were purchased at a selling price, so as to enable the children to buy them cheaper.


- Aesculap began to organize winter camps in the mountain shelters. The first one took place in "Odrodzenie" shelter / Karkonoska Przełęcz (spring holidays, April 1974). Since then such camps became a part of training system. In the period 1974 - 1976 the plans to participate in sport competitions of groups trained in Aesculap were put in practice. The representatives of the school took part in various ski competitions such as: sport competitions of PTTK (Polish Tourist Association), Championships of Elementary and Secondary Schools, Cup of local Newspaper (Nowiny Jeleniogórskie) many times. Participation in those events was helpful in the development of individual techniques of skiers. The experience gained in these competitions was helpful later, when the older alumni of Aesculap were given instructor grades. It was quickly noticed, that for good function of the school there was a strong need for trained personnel. The alumni were sent to specialist ski courses of PZN. The first, who were given the instructor's assistants grades were Astrid Koenig, Cezary Zahorski, Tomasz Rażniewski, Michał Rażniewski, Tomasz Kijanka, Aleksander Błachut. They also began to take part in Polish Competitions of Ski Instructors PZN. The first success was the second place of Cezary Zamorski (1976) and 5'th place of Astrid Koenig in individual age groups.


As a result of growing popularity of school and admission to young children it was decided to engage infant instructors. It must be pointed out, that at first the school admitted children from 7 years of age. Some time later even 6- and 5-year children were admitted too. It took many years of work with them for Ms. Teresa Rażniewska, Ms. Krystyna Szemplińska and Mr. Mieczysław Bogdaszewski; now this function is performed by Ms. Małgorzata Mierzwińska.


In autumn 1977 next important changes took place in Aesculap. The school became a part of PTTK structure, gaining thus the rights of local unit of PTTK both, as a club and ski school. Despite large interest the school took in the ski society of Jelenia Góra ( its activity range was distinctly growing) there was not possibility to solve the problem of premises. Aesculap had no office at that time. Practically its "office" was run in private flat of Mr. & Ms. Rażniewski. Such conditions did not encourage them to work and there was often a question mark over a new ski season.


Aesculap was granted the license of Polish Ski Association. This document states (citation): "This LICENCE NR3 of Department of Sport (...) of Polish Ski Association, licenses the program activity of the Ski School (...) in Jelenia Góra under the leadership of Mr. St. Rażniewski, according to the statute of PZN concerning the ski schools (...) in the season 1980/1981".


Important period in the development of our organization. This was the year of establishment and registration of association called "Ski School and Sport Club Aesculap" with the residence in Jelenia Góra.

Mr. Stanisław Rażniewski describing the merit and program of this association (starting from 1982) writes: (citation) "Following the tradition and program of our School and Club from 1982 planned for 1983 and further, we establish that our association's activity field is physical education and especially skiing as a discipline of common and qualified sport, enriched (in upbringing and pedagogical processes) with subjects of science, knowledge in the field of own land, protection and shaping of environment, life and work hygiene, ecology and spatial planning and economy" (end of citation). In this organizational shape, with this name Aesculap has been functioning by now.

In this period the school leadership was urgently looking for a good, safe place to conduct ski trainings. A small field square Polana - Wiciarka in Jakuszyce, where Aesculap had had its lifts for years, was not sufficient for a developing club. The place of search became Góry Kaczwskie (Kaczawskie Mountains) near Jelenia Góra, particularly the region of Dziwiszów Chrośnica and Łysa Góra. This is a fragment of History of Łysa Góra: (cit.) "The first tour of the members of Ski School and Club AESCULAP on Łysa Góra took place in 1982 . Due to the imposition of martial law in Poland the skiing in Karkonosze mountains became impossible and there was a need to look for other places to conduct the ski lessons. This was a breakthrough year in the activity of School and Club. At that time the idea to build a skiing base on Łysa Góra emerged" ( end of citation). In 1984 Aesculap moved its office to the first premise in its history. It was located at Matejki Str in Jelenia Góra .


The first rope lift called "Janosik" was installed on the slope of Ulimek in Dziwiszów. This was the beginning of ski base. The School does not need to seek more or less expensive solutions for training and tours boring ski trips ( for above one hundred of pupils) in Karkonosze mountains. At that time ( 1984 - 1987 ) the sportsmen of Aesculap begin to take part on ski competitions all over Poland. They were assisted by Mr. Janusz Pauli ( now lives in Austria worked one season in the School and Club), and Tomasz Rażniewski ( several years in a sport club MKS Karkonosze as a coach, worked two seasons in Aesculap, then went to Canada) and by Michał Rażniewski. At that time the School and Club were represented by the following sportsmen: Agnieszka Iwanow, Agnieszka Cymerska, Robert Guminiak, Artur Piątkowski, Patrycja Kalamus, Maciej Strawa, Grzegorz Bacior, oraz bracia Tomasz & Jaroslaw Markl. After successful regional starts began the central Polish competitions. The competition on the ski routes with the rivals from Zakopane or Bielsko caused that the Aesculap sportsmen were gradually improving their sport skills. Then they were still going to the Tatras to learn.


The office of Aesculap was moved to Wiejska Street in Jelenia Góra. It has been functioning since then by now at the same location.


The base in Jagniątków was established. Two plate - lifts were built in this place (the first one having the length of 140 m, the second 300 m ). They were built by the persons connected with Aesculap ( the parents of the pupils ) - Misters Mirosław Patronik, Zenon & Andrzej Palewicz and Antoni Kozik. The lifts could work there rather short and due to the snowless seasons in this place (Szerzawa Mount), this undertaking was dropped and the lifts moved to Dziwiszów. In this period the activity in qualified sport got pace. The sportsmen participated in the central competitions much more frequently than so far.


The material base of the school was enlarged a bus "Jelcz" 080, with 32 seats. The need to have own transport means was very strong. Some time later ( 1990 ) two more second hand buses ( "Tam" A11 T ) were purchased; one of them became the magazine of spare parts, and the second one served for the Club members during the sport trips. The building of the first T-bar lift on Łysa Góra was started. ( Production: FMP Fampa Cieplice Śl. /now PMPoland/ the construction was under the leadership of Mr. Bogdan Pawłowski and his construction team an with the help of other specialists.


In the previous years and in the beginning of the 90-ties quite energetically were organized the competitions for the children and youth, called "Laury". They were taking place in winter places, all winter seasons long. Their patron was for many years the activist of the sport club MKS "Karkonosze" Mr. Bogdan Skowroński, associated by KOZN and other ski Clubs of Lower Silesia. A big contribution in organization of these competitions was given by Aesculap plenty of them took place in the its sport bases on its slopes, in: Jagniątków - Szerzawa, in Dziwiszów - Ulimka and on Łysa Góra ). The young sportsmen of Aesculap won a lot of top places in them.


The effects of several-year training work became visible. The sportsmen: Łucja Zgudka and Michał Kałwa got access to the country top team in the category youth. For example: Łucja won the alpine double competition on International Championships Schools Sport in Alpine Sports in Zakopane and Michał took there the fourth place .

1991 The first TV program in TVK DAMI. This year the realization of programs of the Ski School Aesculap were started. The films showing the information from the school and club activities were presented in monthly broadcasts. There have been continued by now for 12 years. This year the installation of snow machines was started on Łysa Góra. The former Ministry of Sport Michał Bidas, visited Łysa Góra.

In the years 1991 - 1994 the Aesculap sportsmen took part in International alpine ski competitions. High ranks in qualifying competitions and country rankings enabled our alpine skiers to go in the Alps and to conquer with the Europe and World top in such competitions as: Trofeo Topolino ( Italy), Pinochhio Sugli Finali e Internazionali Abetone ( Italy), Internationale Jugend-Winterspiele Tirol ( Austria ), Skofia Loka ( Slovenia ).


Great success of our sportsmen in prestige, world competitions Trofeo Topolino and Air Canada Whistler Cup. Piotr Kaczmarek won slalom giant in Italy and a slalom in Canada. Katarzyna Karasińska was two times the second. These results opened the way for "aesculapies" to further sport career. They became the start of the way to olympic team and team of Poland. In Italy after the competitions Trofeo Topolino the company Rossignol got interested in them, and they have been using the Rossignol ski by now. More about their results and career to be found on the sites: | | History of Sport.


- Further changes on Łysa Góra slopes. After the expiry of the contract on cooperation with the z Mining Construction Plant from Lubin ( the company was restructured and its name was changed to Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Kopalń ) Aesculap purchased the fixed property and became the sole owner of them in the Microstation Łysa Góra. Further activities to develop Łysa Góra took place. Excellent results of our sportsmen in the central country and international competitions. Piotr Kaczmarek won all the competitions of the Championships of Poland in Ustronie and International Championships SMS in Zakopane. Katarzyna Karasińska won two gold medals in the Championships of Poland. In Air Canada Whistler Cup Piotr came the 3'rd in super giant and Kasia came to be the 5'th in the slalom.

The construction of the new lift - Tatra-Poma was started and finished on Łysa Góra. In the years 97 - 98 Kaczmarek and Karasińska repeated their excellent results from the previous season. Very good turned to be also Bartłomiej Wasileńczyk, who won the silver medal on Polish Olympic Games of Youth. The next year brought medals on Polish Olympic Games of Youth too. Kaczmarek won the gold, Wasileńczyk - silver. It's worth noticing the participation of Bartłomiej Wasileńczyk in the World Championships of juniors. Our three sportsmen in Polish Sport Team .


- Piotr Kaczmarek won everything in Polish Olympic Games of Youth in Zakopane, Katarzyna Karasińska won: silver, bronze and gold medal. Bartłomiej Wasileńczyk - two silver medals and one bronze. Bartłomiej & Piotr, two times stood on sport dais in the most important competitions in Poland. On the International Championships of Poland of Seniors they came to be second and third- just behind Andrzej Bachleda Jr, whilst in the Memorial of Br. Czech Piotr won and Bartek came third.


The next investment on Łysa Góra. The building of the shelter was started. Excellent results of our instructors, instructor's assistants and demonstrators on Polish Central Competitions of Instructor in Zakopane. The instructor assistants: Dominika Dworska came first, Katarzyna Seńko 4'th. Demonstrators: Magda Sosnowska 5'th place , Andrzej Piotrowski 7'th place , Piotr Ślawski 10'th place. Instructors: Joanna Seńko 8'th place, Wojciech Piotrowski 8'th place, Dominik Więckowski 10'th place. Individual starting groups were numerous. For example in the group of instructor's assistants among women participated 120 sportswomen, and over 200 sportsmen. In the qualified sport: two persons in Polish Team: Katarzyna Karasińska i Piotr Kaczmarek. They took part in the Championships World of Juniors in Canada.


The season 2000/2001 was running under the banner of the congress of IVSI ( INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AMATEUR SKI INSTRUCTORS IVSI - unites instructors involved in ski & snow sports ). On the slope of Łysa Góra took place the training of group demonstrations. The members of our ski school were invited to participate in the . Our demo-team included 38 persons + 5 accompanying. The Jelenia Góra people presented themselves excellent on the slopes of Szymoszkowa (where the instructors of all the world took place). More ...

At the end you can see the diagram showing the number of Aesculap members in the period 1970 - 2002

The participants of the Ski School and Sudecki Sport Club Aesculap in successive years, taking part in the in-door training, ski lessons, sport training and competitions ( in this statistics the name "sportsmen" means the alpine skiers registered in PZN and starting in the central country and International competitions). On the X axis are the years and on the Y axis the number of persons.

Translation from Polish: Mirosław Ludorowski


The representatives of AESCULAP have been taking part in various ski events from the beginning of the School and Club existence. At first those were mainly regional scope sport events. From 1973 began the starts in the Ski "Spartakiades" of PTTK (Polish Tourist Organization), Championships of Elementary and Secondary Schools, in the "Samotnia Cup" or Central Polish Ski Instructors' and Coaches' Competitions. More serious interest in sport started at the beginning of the eighties. We started to work with the children systematically and to look for talents carefully. We were forming several-person groups of most able children and preparing them to start in sport events. After mastering the slalom techniques, the children took part in the cycle of children contests, organized in Karkonosze and Kaczawskie Mountains, called "laurels". This was a kind of league for young ski talents in Karkonosze. The neighbouring clubs from the whole Region of Jelenia Góra took part in them. More:

The members of our ski school were invited to the participation in the CONGRESS OF IE IVSI IN ZAKOPANE 2001. Our DEMO-TEAM counted 38 persons + 5 The skiers from Jelenia Góra presented themselves excellently on the slopes of Szymoszkowa (where this meeting of ski instructors from the whole world took place). On Sunday, the Polish day of the event also other DEMO-TEAMS from Poland were present. Namely: the hosts - instructors from the ski school Tatry-Ski, besides them the team from Malta-Ski from Poznań, Le-Ski from Wrocław and ATOMIC Funcarving Demo Team Poland. The opening of the congress took place near the Hotel Kasprowy. All groups participating in the shows as well as the guests and publicity took part in the opening. The foreign guests were having their performances in the next days of the congress.Beside the shows also workshops for instructors were organized - during them the experience in the teaching of skiing were exchanged, also the international competitions of ski instructors were organized. But the most important, were the every day lectures about skiing theory, mountain safety, organization of skiing, methodology, modern audio-visual techniques in teaching. More:



The first visit of the participants of SN and SKS AESCULAP on Łysa Góra. Due to the martial law in Poland the ski trips in Karkonosze mountains became impossible and there was a need to find other places to conduct the ski trainings. This was a breakthrough year in the activity of the School and Club. At that time the idea to build a ski base on Łysa Góra mountain was born.

Mr Stanisław Rażniewski - the author of the idea of Winter Sports Microstation on Łysa Góra mountain near Chrośnica and Dziwiszów ( he introduced the name Microstation ). He also undertook to put this idea in life with enthusiasm. It turned out to be a success.


The Head of SN and SKS AESCULAP, Mr Stanisław Rażniewski began trials to build first ski lifts in the region of Dziwiszów, first talks were held in the School and Club management.


The construction of hand-grip lift type Janosik on the slope Ulimka in Dziwiszów. Janosik na UlimceThe construction was carried out by Mr Antoni Kozik and Mr Zenon Palewicz. The ski slope was prepared by the children and parents, members of Aesculap as a joint voluntary action under the leadership of Ms Teresa Rażniewska / this was the dismantling of old brickworks of cellars and building of passage and parking near the road /. The slope was made available for the Club skiers needs and by its owner Mr Roman Kronerberger.

Dziwiszów 1985. On the slope of Ulimek ? here the first ski lift was built. On the photo you can see Messrs Zenon Palewicz and Mieczysław Bogdaszewski mount the lift type "Janosik"


The first Secretary of local Communist Party in Jelenia Góra Mr Jerzy Golis visited the slopes of Łysa Góra and gave the permission to build the lift.


The agreement of leasing the ground on Łysa Góra mountain was concluded with the director of local state owned farm, Mr Kazimierz Sojka / for the years 1987 - 95 /. The energetic line on Łysa Góra mountain was started. The people, who considerably contributed to its completion were: Messrs Hipolit Franciszek Fajkosz, Józef Rygiel, and Stanisław Zosik.

1988 The building of T-bar lift No 1 produced by FMP Fampa Cieplice Śl Podpora(now PMPoland). The lift was built by Mr Bogdan Pawłowski with his construction team with the participation of other specialists.

Łysa Góra mountain in 1988 - preparatory works for the construction of T-bar lift


PGRO dissolved the leasing agreement and the ground was transferred to the commune of Jeżów Sudecki. This commune without noticing its former leaser - Ski School Aesculap sold this ground to individual farmers (Ms Grażyna Sosnowska, Mr Jan Nowak ).

The view of Łysa Góra mountain slope in 1990


SN and SKS Aesculap concluded an agreement with the farmers aiming at utilizing this area for skiing. Mr Kazimierz Tarsa got the order to make a complete documentation of snowing machine system.

The first machine - snowing on Łysa Góra mountain


As a result of agreement between the Management of SN and SKS Aesculap and the Manager of "ZBK" (Mine Building Plant) from Lubin, Mr Ryszard Janeczek and Mr Jerzy Buła, the construction of snowing system was started. The "ZBK" invested 4 milliard old złotys in the building of water resource, pumping plant, hangar, access way, water and air pipes, in the purchase of ratrak, snowing machines, compressors and pumps. The building of objects in the Winter Sport Łysa Góra Microstation was controlled: from the sidePierwsze śnieżenia of Aesculap Management - by the Investments Vice President Mr Mieczysław Tyczyński and from the side of "ZBK" Lubin - Mr Jerzy Buła.

The water resource - one of the elements of the snowing system. Photo Mr Mirosław Patronik

Aesculap made the first purchase of ground from the owner, Mr Jan Nowak. Łysa Góra was visited by Minister Michał Bidas - at that time the President of the State Office of Physical Education and Tourism in Warsaw.

Łysa Góra mountain at the culmination of the season - the access way and further - the ski slopes

Łysa Góra mountain. Even late in the evening you can have the fun of skiing

He was present at the inauguration of the ski season 1991 /1992, and was impressed by the Aesculap activity and the idea of ski station building on Łysa Góra mountain. He promised to transfer money from the State Office of Physical Education and Tourism for building the next ski lifts (No 2 and No 3) and kept his word. The first special slalom sticks with rotation joints were purchased for Łysa Góra.


The building of "plate" lifts No 2 and No 3 produced and mounted by Messrs Mirosław Patronik and Milan Vasicek was started. The next part of ground possessed by Mr Bogdan Chamielec was purchased. "ZBK" leased the technical devices of Winter Sport Microstation Łysa Góra ? to Mr Mirosław Patronik, who administered it for 1 year. At that time the ratrak vehicle appeared on the slopes of Łysa Góra mountain.


In the autumn Mrs Teresa Rażniewska took over the management of Łysa Góra mountain, and organized the trainings for the its staff. The technical trainings were conducted by Mr Stanisław Mierzwiak from the Regional Inspectorate of Railway Technical Supervision in Wrocław. The Work Safety courses were conducted by Mr Jerzy Buła. Also the schooling in FIRST AID was conducted by Mr Maciej Dworski the rescuer of GOPR (Mountain Voluntary Health Service), a doctor, and the member of SN and SKS Aesculap. At that time Mrs Teresa Rażniewska supervised the works of enlargement and evening the slope surface, by means of bulldozer levelling the roughness. Mrs Teresa Rażniewska constantly mobilized the Management, members of School and Club, children and youth to assist in the works for the benefit of Łysa Góra.

She organized unlimited voluntary works of picking the stones from the slope, barking the wood necessary for the construction works, painting the barracks.Z lotu ptaka All days she spent on Łysa Góra. Not only to watch and supervise the works. If need be - she got down to work

In an old bus used by Aesculap (and afterwards pulled at the peak of Łysa Góra ) the first Microstation bar was arranged. Its interior was ingenuously utilized: the chairs were rearranged, the kitchen equipment and heating system were installed. The first owner of the bus bar was Mr Stanisław Sterna.

The bird's eye view on the upper parts of Microstation. On the right: hangar and upper end station of the ski lift. On the left: the bus, which was for some time utilized as bar (naturally after suitable adaptation works).


The new manager of Microstation became Mr Jan Gogojewicz.


The "ZBK" (Mine Building Plant) was reorganized, and changed its name. As a result of this reorganization the agreement of cooperation with Aesculap was dissolved and Aesculap was obliged to purchase the fixed property on the area of Microstation. 1996

All fixed assets were bought from ?PBK? and since then SN and SKS Aesculap became the only owner of all the technical equipment. Mr and Mrs Rażniewscy initiated talks with Mr Andrzej Karasiński about the building of New ski lift, which would be situated parallel to the existing lift No 1. A second hand snow scooter was bought.Łysa 1996

Łysa Góra mountain in 1996


In the course of agreement with EGBUD Sp z O.O. and its Manager, Mr Andrzej Karasiński the construction of TATRA POMA lift /with storage of sticks/. In the spring the measuring works were conducted by the Slovak geodesists.Budowa Tatra Pomy

The construction works of the new Tatra-Poma lift. Placing the concrete

The preliminary works and basements were made by EGBUD and mounting of lift - by the Slovaks. The pace of building works was very fast. The first machines appeared on the building place at the beginning of September and yet in October the lift was ready to technical acceptance. A new catering bar was built in the middle of the slope.

The owners of the bar were Messrs Krzysztof Palcyn and Jarosław Szpala, the bar was built on the ground leased from Aesculap. The next catering point was built near the upper end of the lift / camping caravan /, serviced by Mr Mieczysław Rubin. A new building was erected in which the ski room and ski service is nowadays located. Its owner is now Mr Michał Palewicz.


Two large tents / Lech and Bosman / each one near one existing catering bars were installed, thus increasing substantially the number of consumption places of Microstation.

The upper tent


On the top of Łysa Góra mountain a new tent advertising Okocim company was installed( in place of Lech ) for 150 persons, trials to modernize the lift No 2 and to increase its length to 650 m were started.


The building of a tourist hostel on Łysa Góra mountain was started ( near the upper station of lift No 2 ).

The new building is started. The moment of laying the foundation stone. Photo Mrs Krystyna Szemplińska


The view of the new hostel building in June 2001. There was still a lot to do ( the first floor) but the comfortable toilettes, supervision room and the room for children were ready. See the photos below:


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Translation from Polish: Mirosław Ludorowski

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